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A welcome option for a growing number of spouses dissolving their marriage is the Collaborative Divorce Process (also called Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Law). With this approach, the parties and their attorney’s enter into a Participation Agreement which expresses their desire to make a good faith effort to reach a mutually acceptable settlement of all issues without resorting to litigation in court.

The goal in Collaborative Practice is to reduce conflict inherent in the divorce process and allow the parties to work together to resolve issues.

What is the Participation Agreement?                  

A Participation Agreement is a written contract signed by both parties and their attorneys that commits each of them to resolving the case by negotiated agreement. The Participation Agreement requires each party to exchange all financial information, maintain complete confidentiality during the process and reach a written agreement on all issues without the use of a contested court proceeding.

Perhaps most importantly, the Participation Agreement provides that if the parties are unable to reach a settlement, the collaborative lawyers will withdraw from representation and assist the parties in obtaining litigation attorneys. With this open and cooperative approach, both parties and counsel can work toward a settlement that benefits everyone.

What if other professionals are required?             

In the Collaborative Divorce Process, the parties may also agree to involve other professionals to assist in the process. For example, businesses and/or real estate may need to be appraised or a parenting specialist may be necessary to ensure the needs of minor children are met. These professionals are also bound by the terms of the Collaborative Agreement.

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